Corporate gifts help to increase sales, advertise for free and maintain the company's style. Would you like to see the advertising for your business "walking" the streets, "riding" the subway, and "flying" on airplanes for years?

A corporate gift changes people's attitudes and gives new opportunities to management.

Corporate gift options

Yes, there are gifts made just for show. These are the usual pens, key rings, cups, and product sets in packaging with the company logo. They are usually made if there is no need to introduce the product, and take care of people in employment.

But there are “reasonable” gifts that relate to loyal relationships, relate to communication with future customers.

One of the well-thought-out gifts that will support corporate ethics and that can be given to an employee of any gender and age is a branded backpack or bag. You can make corporate gifts for team building, a warm welcome to work, or holiday congratulations. The backpack is good as a reward for winning games, encouraging the best employees, expressing gratitude, and expressing hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The backpack serves as open, free advertising all year round.

Why DOUBLE X’s gift is so good?

Backpack, bag, or shopper DOUBLE X is a practical gift that will not get dusty in the closet like other souvenirs. It is always in sight: by public transport, at railway stations, and shopping centers. This means that it works for the benefit of the company, and tells about your business.

While ordering a series of corporate gifts in DOUBLE X, pick one of the durable materials:

  • 100% waterproof nylon;
  • trendy and unique looking Tyvek;
  • reflective polyester.

All of them are equipped with reliable YKK and Woojin hardware, which stay in place even after numerous washing.

The fabric retains its original color. The zippers, buttons and buckles function for up to 5 years.

You get a lifetime warranty on any product—that's how confident we are in the quality of materials and workmanship.

Why corporate gifts should be bought from us?

We work without intermediaries and control the work at all stages of the production: we pick fabrics and accessories, assemble them, control the quality of seams and fasteners, and comply with the agreed deadlines.

  • The price is lower than participants, with the highest quality of the product.
  • Any batch. You can order from 1 piece, up to few thousand backpacks and bags.
  • Wide discount range. The larger order—lower the cost.
  • Application accuracy. Precise logo transfering.